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Evolve Sports Performance offers a wide range of training options for athletes of all ages and levels. We offer:

Private Training

Elevate your athletic performance with the same individualized training that helps the world’s top athletes excel.

Small Group Training

All the benefits of individualized training with the built-in motivation from your team and friends.

Team Training

Evolve Sports Performance works with some of the area’s best school sports and club teams. We are dedicated to improving your athletic program, helping you attract more student athletes, and increasing every athlete’s chance of success.

Success Everywhere

Meet The Team 

Jake Gibson

Jake Gibson has been involved in the fitness industry for almost 10 years as a personal trainer and sports performance specialist. His extensive resume spans all ages and levels, ranging from middle school and high school athletes to collegiate and professional sports (NFL, MLB, Olympics, Paralympics).

Jake is passionate about designing and implementing training programs that cater to each athlete’s specific needs. His goal is to provide every individual the opportunity to succeed and excel within their unique sport.

In addition to training athletes, Jake has managed multiple fitness centers and sports performance teams in the Baltimore area. He has helped to mentor and develop trainers in the industry for years and he is eager to offer his experience and knowledge to help coaches advance while they continue to improve. His work with Under Armour as a brand ambassador has only continued to fuel this desire to impact others on and off the field.

Jake is ready to help you evolve every day. Are you?

What Our Athletes Say

“Jake’s expertise and supportive demeanor create a balanced workout program that incorporates strength, mobility, cardio and customization to my fitness level and other athletic disciplines. Most importantly, he makes it fun. I don’t think that I would work as hard if I didn’t have his guidance.”

“Jake incorporates training geared to high performance athletes. Every session builds upon the last but Jake also manages to always switch things up and keep it new and fresh.”