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Evolve Sports Performance offers a wide range of training options for athletes of all ages and levels. We offer:

Private Training

Elevate your athletic performance with the same individualized training that helps the world’s top athletes excel.

Small Group Training

All the benefits of individualized training with the built-in motivation from your team and friends.

Team Training

Evolve Sports Performance works with some of the area’s best school sports and club teams. We are dedicated to improving your athletic program, helping you attract more student athletes, and increasing every athlete’s chance of success.

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Meet The Team 

Eric Collyer

My fitness journey began in College while playing Baseball and Football. The weight room became my second home. Shortly after college, I became a Certified Personal Trainer working at various gyms in Annapolis. I built my clientele to the point that I started my own personal training business at age 21. I have always practiced Martial Arts. I studied various systems Hapkido, CDT and Mixed Martial Arts. In 2001 I competed in the WOMAA federation World Championships. I competed in the full contact fighting divisions which I received two Silver Medals. September 11th of 2001 my whole world changed. After the events of 9/11 I needed to serve my country. I joined the USMC and for the next nine years I served in specialized units on multiple deployments in the Middle East. My units were held to the highest physical fitness standards and I made sure my Marines always met them! After my time in the USMC I traveled the world training specialized units in tactics for five years. I conducted private security contracting for the past four years. I realized it is time to come back to the one true passion that started it all. The call to help people be the best version of themselves they can be. I still teach Self- defense and firearms but my true calling is in the weight room where the real battle is fought. I don’t quit. I never give up and I guarantee I’ll work just as hard as you accomplish your goals!


Jarret Simpson

Jarret Simpson is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a personal trainer. He attended the University of Maryland in College Park and earned a B.S. in Kinesiology, the scientific study of human movement.
His aim is to not only improve the physical well being of his clients, but also change the way they think about their health and fitness. In the process he hope to educate and uplift. Discipline, commitment and an open-mind are keys for success. He believes everyone should strive to get a little better every day, in some aspect of well-being. It is the cumulative effect of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle that will lead to achieving goals. Once this line of thought is adopted, the ceiling is wherever you want it to be.

• 2013 NGA Annapolis Bodybuilding Championships-1st Place Novice Heavy Weight
• 2013 NGA Annapolis Bodybuilding Championships-Novice Overall Champion

What Our Athletes Say

“Jake’s expertise and supportive demeanor create a balanced workout program that incorporates strength, mobility, cardio and customization to my fitness level and other athletic disciplines. Most importantly, he makes it fun. I don’t think that I would work as hard if I didn’t have his guidance.”

“Jake incorporates training geared to high performance athletes. Every session builds upon the last but Jake also manages to always switch things up and keep it new and fresh.”